Let us help you regain comfort and confidence in your legs!

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Did you know that 40% of the general population has clinically significant vein disease? Although venous reflux or "leaking" of the veins may occur in adults of any age, the incidence does increase over time.  Additional risk factors may include family history, pregnancy and being overweight. Symptoms could be subtle with no visible veins whatsoever or there could be significant skin changes, spider veins or large "bulging" veins. While not life threatening, this common medical condition can cause serious health concerns such as blood clots, ulcers and infections. Vein disease can also impact one's quality of life and self-esteem.  Let us help you regain comfort and confidence in your legs!

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At OASIS VEIN and VITALITY, we use state of the art techniques to diagnose and treat venous disease. Our treatment options are proven to be safe, effective and most procedures are able to be performed in our comfortable office setting with little to no impact on work or mobility. Our experienced team is focused on providing you the highest quality of care with a patient centric approach. Let us help you regain comfort and confidence in your legs! OASIS VEIN and VITALITY also offers precision care services to optimize your overall health.
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Let’s take a quick trip back to Freshman Biology 101 and review blood vessels. Arteries take fresh, oxygenated blood from the heart to the body. Once that blood reaches its destination and the oxygen and nutrients are utilized, veins return the blood to the heart and lungs, to be once again replenished. This is an elegant system that has functioned beautifully for millennia, but even the most well-designed systems can develop problems and disease of the venous system is very common.Vein disorders can affect any vein in the body in the body including the face, hands and chest. Leg veins are particularly vulnerable to the effects of gravity.

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Dr. Steven Mehta

Dr. Mehta grew up in Ohio, where he graduated from Kent State University and completed medical school and residency at the Northeastern Ohio Medical University. Following residency, Dr. Mehta completed his fellowship in cardiovascular disease at the University of Louisville, and completed specialized training in Interventional Cardiology at the Arizona Heart Institute. He is double Board Certified and has served in leadership capacities at many medical facilities including as Director of Cardiovascular Intervention, Chief of Medical Staff, Trustee of the Hospital Board of Directors, Chief Medical Officer, Governor of the Arizona Chapter of the American College of Cardiology and has been named one of Phoenix Magazine’s “Top Docs.”

Dr. Mehta has practiced interventional cardiology for many years and has been treating venous disease since 2007. Recognizing the nuance and attention to detail necessary to achieve truly optimal results for patients with venous conditions, Dr. Mehta now treats these patients on a full-time basis.

Outside of the office, Dr. Mehta enjoys spending time with his wife and twin daughters, and their menagerie of animals. The entire family skis together, enjoys traveling and Dr. Mehta sings and plays bass guitar in various area bands.


Core Values that
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Why choose Oasis Vein and Vitality? When it comes to your health, you want expert care and excellent service. Dr. Mehta is a trusted, double Board-Certified specialist with many years of experience. We use the most up to date and minimally invasive treatment options in a clean, welcoming environment. At Oasis Vein and Vitality, our patients are our practice!

Patient first

Patients First

We care about our patients’ health, comfort and happiness! We are committed to providing individualized care delivered in a “family feel” environment.



Integrity builds trust! We inspire that trust with constant and deliberate actions, infused with uncompromised ethical principles. We believe in honesty, accountability, respect and transparency.



We integrate safety into every area of our practice to ensure our patients’ and staff’s safety is never at risk. We adhere to all safety protocols without cutting corners.



We work as a team to provide the highest quality of care! We are committed to excellence and strive to exceed expectations by working diligently to be the best in the industry.

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